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Dried NZ Apricots

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It's been a long time... but our very own dried apricots are back in stock! Yes that's right, apricots grown and dried from our orchard - Jackson Orchards are back online. These mouthwatering delectable apricots will have you salivating for more... and not to mention they make the perfect addition to any cheeseboard or grazing platter!

Taste the difference of our New Zealand grown and dried apricots today!

Please note these are batch dried so there can be differences in texture and colour between each batch.

Ingredients: Apricots & sulphur dioxide (preservative)

Best Before: 12 months

Dispatch: This item is not seasonal, so we will arrange to dispatch it ASAP. If you are ordering this together with a seasonal item, we will send it together to save on freight and reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you for your understanding.