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Preferred Dispatch Date*:
Week 6th Dec 2021
Monday 13th Dec 2021
Tuesday 14th Dec 2021
Wednesday 15th Dec 2021
Thursday 16th Dec 2021
Friday 17th Dec 2021 (Saturday Delivery)
Monday 20th Dec 2021
Tuesday 21st Dec 2021
Wednesday 22nd Dec 2021
Week 3rd Jan 2022
Week 10th Jan 2022
Week 17th Jan 2022
Week 24th Jan 2022

Our fresh Central Otago cherries are delivered NZ wide, door to door, to your family, friends, corporate clients & associates on both Christmas and New Year dates.

What better way to say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year none other than with a box of our beautiful Central Otago red cherries!

They are sweet and juicy with a dark red skin and flesh - and simply bursting with flavour. Surprise someone special (or yourself for that matter) by gifting a premium, big box of cherries direct from our orchard during the holiday season. YUM!

The Christmas cherry varieties available in December typically consist of traditional dark Dawson or Rosann cherries - weather dependent.

Available from mid December to mid February


Preferred Dispatch*: Our Cherries are mixed size, grown for the New Zealand market and are not for resale. Cherry dispatch dates are just GUIDELINES are subject to availability / the weather. We cannot harvest cherries in the rain. If we are faced with severe weather, your order could be affected. This is the nature of an orchard and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible if alternative arrangements need to be made. Please note dispatch dates 16th, 17th and 22nd of December 2021 are not suitable for rural addresses. "Week" means we aim to dispatch at our discretion within that week. By purchasing this item, you agree that you have read, accepted and understand our full terms and conditions found here: T & C's